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CSLEA Group and Individual LTD Plans

The following plans are available to CSLEA members only. Please contact the CSLEA office for enrollment and eligiblity information at 800-522-2873.

CSLEA Peace Officer Group Plans

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CA ABC Inv. Group Plan

CA CDI Inv. Group Plan

CA DDS PO Group Plan

CA DHCS Inv. Group Plan

CA DMH HPO Group Plan

CA DMV Inv. Group Plan

CA DSS Inv. Group Plan

CA EDD Inv. Group Plan

CAL PERS Inv. Group Plan

CA MIL FF/SO Group Plan


CA SOS Inv. Group Plan

CA DOJ Special Agents Group Plan

RPPOA / CA DFG Wardens Group Plan


CSLEA Peace Officer Individual Plan

Learn about the CSLEA Peace Officer Individual Plan





Executive Board


Dave Boffi

Daly City POA

Vice President North

Kevin Mickelson

Sacramento Co. DSA

Vice President South

Darin Ryburn

Burbank POA

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Chirillo

Beverly Hills POA

Executive Secretary

Mario Yagoda

Glendale POA

Chairman of the Board

Jerry Hall

DSA of Santa Clara Co.






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