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Providing superior Long Term Disability Benefits to over 20,000 Law Enforcement Participants since 1985.

Who Is CLEA?

In September 1984 California Administration Insurance Services, Inc. began operations as a third party administrator and began enrolling the Sacramento and El Dorado Co. Sheriff’s Associations into the newly formed California Law Enforcement Association (CLEA). Once sufficient membership enrolled, CLEA put the LTD Plan into effect on May 1, 1985 with just over 600 new members enrolled.

The following month the DSA of Santa Clara County enrolled in our Plan. In mid-1986 CLEA had its first Board of Directors meeting in San Jose and elected Jerry Hall as its Charter President. Over the next few years the Plan witnessed explosive growth throughout California.

In early 1985 a group of California Firefighters in the San Jose area also became excited about the possibility of beginning their own self-funded Long Term Disability Plan similar to the CLEA LTD Plan. The firefighters created their own statewide LTD Plan that met the needs of California professional firefighters.Enrollment began throughout Northern California and by October 1985 there were sufficient firefighters enrolled to begin the California Association of Professional Firefighters (CAPF). At the first meeting of CAPF, Phil Kleinheinz was elected their Charter President. Again, within months, the growth of the Plan far exceeded expectations.

Both Plans quickly grew over the next 25 years. By the CLEA Plan’s 5th anniversary, it included 6,077 Participants. By its 10th anniversary, the Plan had doubled in size to include 12,309 Participants. On its 25th anniversary, CLEA’s LTD Plan included 23,625 Participants. Similarly, after 5 years the CAPF Plan included 5,027 Participants. Five years later the CAPF Plan had doubled in size to 11,239 Participants and by the 25th anniversary the Plan included 18,892 Participants.

Today, after 25 years and more than $100 million paid in claims, both Plans continue to be the primary providers of Long Term Disability coverage for California Law Enforcement Officers and California Firefighters.



Executive Board


Dave Boffi

Daly City POA

Vice President North

Kevin Mickelson

Sacramento Co. DSA

Vice President South

Darin Ryburn

Burbank POA

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Chirillo

Beverly Hills POA

Executive Secretary

Mario Yagoda

Glendale POA

Chairman of the Board

Jerry Hall

DSA of Santa Clara Co.





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Plan Administrators

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