CSLEA Enhanced Individual Plan – Peace Officer

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Eligibility You must be a peace officer, a full member of CSLEA, and your affiliate association. A person is not eligible to enroll after he or she is 60 years of age or more.
Monthly Cost $24.50 per month, numerous payment options available
Percentage of
Wages Protected*
70% of wages Non-Industrial Disability
70% of wages Industrial Disability(80% of wages for Catastrophic Disabilities for up to 30 months – not to exceed maximum monthly benefit)(No Workers’ Compensation permanent disability offsets)
$9,500 Maximum Monthly Benefit, tax-free. Wages include routine incentive pay.
Waiting Period 30 calendar days – If less than 60 calendar days of personal leave, you may receive 70% of wages after 30 calendar days. Otherwise, 60 calendar days.
Benefit Period Lifetime: Sickness, Accident, & Pregnancy (Industrial and Non-Industrial Disabilities)
Definition of Disability Two (2) years Own Occupation Disability, thereafter any occupation that you may be reasonably suited for.
Cost of Living Benefit (COLA) 4% compounded per year (years 3-8) thereafter, CPI increase to age 65 and then continued lifetime benefits
Return to Work
Incentive Benefit
$1,000 per month for Non-Industrial Catastrophic Disability if Participant returns to gainful employment
Musculoskeletal & Connective Tissue Disorders Fully covered, no restrictions
Lifetime coverage
Stress & Substance
Abuse Benefits
Six (6) months lifetime coverage
(3 months per occurrence)
Waiver of Payment Waiver of Payment after no-pay status
Freeze of Personal
Leave Option
After 60 calendar days
Personal Leave
Integration Benefit
After 60 calendar days, you may use personal leave and receive a supplemental benefit from the Plan up to the Maximum Percentage or use 100% personal leave and receive $1,000 per month ($100 per month for Industrial or Disputed Workers’ Comp.)
Benefits Payable
During Disputed Workers’ Comp. Cases
After 60 calendar days – 70% of wages or Maximum Benefit of $9,500 monthly
(Repayable only if settled in your favor)
Minimum Monthly Benefit $1,000 per month – paid in addition to personal leave after 60 calendar days
($100 per month for Industrial or Disputed Workers’ Comp.)
Disability Pension Advance Up to 70% of wages (max. $9,500 per mo. benefit) may be advanced during retirement processing
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage All disability benefits and Death Benefits caused by a pre-existing medical condition will be covered once you have been in the Plan for sixty (60) months.
Survivorship Benefit Six (6) months additional benefits to dependent beneficiary
Death Benefit

$65,000 Death Benefit on- or off-duty, natural, accidental or terminal illness ($15,000 initial benefit and then $1,000 per month for 50 months).

$10,000 for suicide ($2,000** first 2 years in Plan).

Benefits may be payable within 24 hours of notification.

Special Provision Effective 4-1-2000, members not covered by Penal Code 830.2(a)-DOJ Special Agents and 830.2(e)-Fish and Wildlife Officers will have limited benefits (36 months maximum benefits at 66.7% of wages with a $100 Minimum Benefit) if they suffer a disability that would normally be covered by Labor Code 3212 and its subchapters, and the disability is not determined to be job-related.

* Maximum percentages reflect amount payable after completion of (a) waiting period, (b) freeze of personal leave option, or (c) personal leave integration. Offsetting Benefit/Income Amounts are applied to reduce amount from the Plan

** The Death Benefit for suicide is limited to $2,000 for the first 24 months of participation in the Plan.

The California Law Enforcement Association (Safety Personnel) Long Term Disability Plan was established pursuant to the California Department of Insurance, Insurance Code Sections 11400 – 11407 (Peace Officers Benefit and Relief Association) by CLEA, a police officers benefit and relief association.  CLEA is a non-profit corporation exempt from tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(9). The Plan, CLEA and the Trust, are annually audited by independent certified public accountants in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

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11-19 This is a highlight page only – certain exceptions & limitations apply. See the complete Plan Document provisions for a more complete description of coverage.  CA Insurance Lic. #0544968