CLEA Celebrating 35 Years Of Providing Financial Protection

Written By Darin Ryburn

Written By Darin Ryburn

Published February 12, 2020

Thirty-five years ago in 1985, a new way to provide comprehensive yet affordable disability coverage for law enforcement personnel in California was introduced.  California Law Enforcement Association (CLEA) was designed with a vision to serve this community through innovation, a commitment to its members, and with integrity and transparency.

Thank you to over 20,000 local, county and state law enforcement personnel who have supported CLEA with their participation in the plan.  CLEA’s success can be measured by the over $116 million in long-term disability benefits it has paid while offering the most comprehensive level of income protection available.

Our exclusively member-owned, self-funded plan provides the highest level of coverage, on and off duty, 24-7.  Our plan was designed to meet the specific long-term disability needs of law enforcement personnel. To ensure the plan stays that way, it is overseen by law enforcement representatives from across the state.

Thirty-five years later, CLEA remains financially strong, has delivered on every promise, and is ready to serve for generations to come.

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